The, er, Ninth Step

Better late than never, I suppose: I am author number four.
By way of introduction, I list my interests, a turn-off, and beliefs.

  1. My primary interest is in how things work. In the past few months, this has led me to study, among other things, sociology, religion, productivity, physics, the brain, and nutrition. Mostly, I have a short attention span.
  2. I will listen to anything but memorized responses. I hate memorized responses.
  3. I believe in three things only: human agency, discourse, and chocolate.

And that’s that.



2 Responses to The, er, Ninth Step

  1. Erik says:

    It appears you and your fellow Itel Party bloggers have attracted some notice. Your site was recommended with not undue praise. I must concur, I am not disappointed. Blog on gentlemen, you now have another participant to your punditry.


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