Clooney on dissent

Just a quickie:

George Clooney (whose Oscar acceptance speech was phenomenal in brevity, poignancy and relevance) has a post up on the Huffington Post entitled: “I’m a Liberal. There, I said it!” It’s a really quick read, but it says interesting things, mostly things I’ve always believed about our duty to dissent, and the requirement for it from both sides of the aisle.

My only complaint is that I don’t really grant that acknowledgement “that Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaeda and had nothing to do with 9/11” is a liberal idea. Hopefully that one has traction in many camps. It’s not liberal in the progressive or bigger government senses, only in the sense that it’s opposed to the standing administration.

Other than that, I say good job, Mr. Clooney. (Everybody go out and see Good Night and Good Luck. It’s worth it.)


6 Responses to Clooney on dissent

  1. Filthy Habit says:

    Oops. Looks like George Clooney isn’t such a swell guy after all.

    It’s a shame, too. I kinda liked “his” sentiments.

  2. iamsamiam says:

    Besides his sexual appeal, I’ve long revered Clooney for his outspokenness. Bravo. The film was fantastic, though the theater where I saw it had a bad speaker that hissed through the entire film. At first I thought this was just part of the mood of the peice, but soon realized otherwise.

    On the topic of atheism, I make my choices by the golden rule for the most part. I found that living a life outside that realm left me feeling somewhat vulnerable. It gave me great insight into why people formed religious affiliations in the first place. It’s one thing not to believe in God, but it seemed a greater challenge not to believe in humankind, if that makes sense.

    Look at the woman who runs into a burning building to save her neighbor’s children. She does this because she empathizes with the human condition and suffering that would go along with allowing those children to die. Though I have a difficult time imagining myself running into a burning building, I’ve since made a commitment to do so, if ever the need arises, because I would want the same from someone else. It’s like balancing karma. Gods, I need some sleep.

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