Update on “Clooney” Blog Post

I don’t like lying to readers, and as our friend filthy_habit pointed out, the Huffington Post article allegedly by George Clooney was not in fact written by him. Yesterday, Arianna Huffington apologized to the public for the misleading blog post which was, in fact, composed from compiled Clooney interviews. Just thought you all should know.


12 Responses to Update on “Clooney” Blog Post

  1. Blue Turtle says:

    Yes – it was misleading. She cut and paste statements and put them together in such a way as to give other impressions than the intent of the original statements!

    That was falsifying information … isn’t that what we did in the documentation for Iraq????????????

  2. Filthy Habit says:

    Don’t like “lying” to readers? I think that’s a little harsh, wouldn’t you say?

    I’ll let ya off the hook for operating under what you had presumed to be accurate information at the time. Okay?

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