About Us

The Intelligent Party is a place for rational discourse and debate, for arguments and thoughts predicated on something other than dogma, prejudice, and blind emotion. Above all, it is an outlet for the four of us to talk about the things we find important. We may write about the same things on some days, and wildly different things on other days. Undoubtedly we share many of the same concerns and interests, but the idea isn’t to have four voices saying the same thing. We hope, simply, to have worthwhile and interesting things to say.

Our title, The Intelligent Party, is by no means intended as a glorification of our own intellects—we are fully aware that people much smarter than us opine every day on the same issues we discuss here. Rather, our name reflects our shared sentiment that existing American political parties have decidedly un-nuanced views on most issues—views dictated more by political dogma than by reasoned argument—and that therefore someone ought to create a political party based on the rational pursuit of good ideas, intelligent principles, sound policy, and pragmatic viewpoints. The reasoning and the justification should precede the conclusions, not the other way around.

We realize that history and the current political climate conspire against the literal creation of such a party. Regardless, this site was founded upon the aforementioned ideals, with the intent to contribute to the public debate. It is not intended merely as a forum for us to expound upon our views—it is also a call to arms to all those who feel that these tenets have merit, as well as a commons for them to gather and debate in the public square. After all, quixotic as the idea may seem, the free flow of reasoned thinking can only improve matters.

So . . welcome to The Intelligent Party. Leave dogma at the door, embrace the debate, and join us.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Jared says:

    Is this site still active? It seems to be dead. I’d like to talk to anyone still monitoring, managing, or with “ownership” of this site.

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